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Monday, August 18, 2008
FINAL life firing. ; 5:57 PM

Mission accomplished,For once i felt that i going to miss army after i ORD,Use to hated camp so much but when comes to leaving"kind of not easy to do it especially when you are so close to your friends around you,The joke we had and the pain we been through. .Some of the guys had already left,Most of us tear out the day you guys collected your pink IC.Time goes on everyone need to move on and go separate ways. .The rest going to ORD in less then 2weeks.Very happy our turn soon but sad at the same time no more hang out at the smoking point,lepak and gossip.Transition to civilian life soon,But no more slacking no more long holiday or keng.

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Thanks for viewing my blog,Just a simple guy that hang out with close friends.I'm kind of a soft hearted person,nice,sweet and at times I can't make my own decision.If you want to know more about me then you need find out yourself.


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